Friday, August 26, 2011

ArtOrder Story Extraction Challenge WIP 6-7

I have finished off the womans details and I have let it dry for day or so. Now comes the interesting part of adding the stars. Knowing that the white paint that I have is slow drying and the deadline was very close, I decided in the end to use goauche. I had a brush that had some thick bristles, I think it's used for craft glue. Anyway, I masked up my painting with some ordinary baking paper with cut away areas....see below. I then watered down my gouache a little dipped in the brush and used the handle of another brush to fling the paint around. Have to say it was over in no time and the effect looked really good. I then used a soft make-up brush dipped in water to clean away any unwanted stars. I used a really small watercolour brush to add in the blank spaces to eleiminate any black holes.

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