Sunday, July 28, 2013

A year of studies have passed.

Well, I've finally completed and passed all my assignments for my certificate 3 in commercial arts graphic design. What a year it's been, so many things happening all at once with work family and other commitments, no wonder it went quick! It has been a challenge to fill my sketchbook on a daily basis but I've always had time to sketch on other things not necessary in my sketchbook. Here are some thumbs from said sketchbook.

These ones were inspired buy the 2nd Robotech series with the Invid invasion. It took forever to watch the whole series but it brought me back to my teenage years.

I have some fascination with the whole fairy tale genre at the moment. I'm currently making a painting out of the last one of these thumbs that I have here.

Sometimes I wish I had the skills of a comic artist in the way the can tell stories with images.



And finally just two portrait thumbs.