Sunday, January 5, 2014


It's that time when many make resolutions for themselves with the expectations that they'll follow them through. I hadn't really thought about it to much but after thinking, why not make a few this year and see how I go. At least one of these resolutions is to actually paint more even if they're a just studies. Time being a hard thing to find while working full time and studying part time(mainly at night and Saturdays) I can only try. I've been looking at watercolours more of late and would like to have a better understanding in using them besides my oils. Although watercolours are harder to master than oils I think it would be more profitable for me at this time to play around with them due to the ease of setup and cleaning…not to mention drying time too. I have three mock cover arts to do for my assignments so I'll more than likely do those in watercolours for a practice run. Anyway here is one I did for the beginning of the new year, it's one of the w/c postcard books you can buy that I've had lying around.

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