Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Getting Ready To Fly.

Last week I received the final marks for my remaining assignments of my diploma of commercial arts graphic design. And with great relief, I passed them all. It has been one enormous undertaking for me these passed two years and now that its all finished, my brain can finally take a break....but not for to long. The hard task ahead of me now is to find work in the area I wish to specialize in. So what's the plan? First off is getting my logo created and a Facebook page up with examples of my works. So far I have a logo created and now working on the Facebook banner. I've already had my business name for awhile now but its been under wraps until I can buy the domain name for the website. So there is progress happening but 'm taking each step as it comes. The above pic is from an afternoon of sketching with my daughter who has shown an interest in drawing and wants me to teach her!

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