Friday, May 2, 2014

Running Down the Mountain

Do you ever get those days when life is like hurteling downhill at a speed you know you can't stop running? Or you know that stopping is a matter of controlled and gracious face planting at the bottom of that hill. Yep, I'm pretty much there at the moment.
Why? Well I'm glad you asked. My diploma of commercial arts and graphics design is gearing at a speed that just about has me staining my linen. My current assignment is design and build your own website! I'm sure your thinking what are you worried about? well, plenty I say! I've never been computer literate and now I'm facing the hard challenge of learning HTML5 and CSS3 coding and putting it all together to make it all work. But I'm grateful for all the assistance that the internet provides as it has enabled me to chip away at each brick wall of frustration, and I'm starting to show progress to my own astonishment.
Needless to say this has stunted my own creative release to time restraints but to be honest I've not had the incentive to actually paint or draw that much recently, although I try to draw something every day.
 I have really been enjoying my new xbox game "Titanfall" to help in stress relief, nothing like battling in a mech shooting up the enemy. If your thinking of getting this game then I highly recommend it… and if you do, the "eject button" is your friend;)
I've started a new sketch book so I'll share some images from that. It doesn't seem that long ago since I last posted but man has time flown by, I guess when the mind is active time just slip on by.

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