Monday, September 17, 2012

Keeping Pace

Well I've been flat out doing assignments and keeping up the pace with my illos. I STILL haven't picked up a paint brush yet! Anyway, I've been thinking weather I should to continue posting my thumbs anymore. Perhaps I should concentrate on adding more art to my portfolio blog instead of blabbering around here.. in fact I'm wondering if I should just delete this entire blog altogether, I mean who really cares right?

Anyway, for now here is a few more to amuse yourself with.


  1. I care! It's the only way I see your art (well not strictly true, I bought the latest HARP).

    1. Thanks mate, that does mean a lot. Sometimes I just get the feeling I'm a little by myself at times. I'll continue adding stuff then :) I'm working on another HARP supplement book so it won't be to long 'till you'll see some more work from me. Hope you and Anita are doing well...we'll have to catch up on things, it's been too long.