Friday, June 15, 2012

Throttling Back but Not on the Thumbs

I've been somewhat busy of late with doing illos and with life but I always have a bit of time for myself to let my mind and hand idle with a pencil in my sketch book. I've only a few pages to go before I need a new sketch book to doodle in. I always feel good when I finish a sketch book, I'm not sure why though. Perhaps it's because I feel that I'm actually doing something and keeping the creative juices flowing from my mind to hand to sketch book. Last night I finished the last of my commissioned illustrations and I feel good that they're behind me. I really want to get my brushes out and get painting, it's been too long and something seems to always get in the way. But I'm determined this time, even if it comes to throttling back on other things. In fact I will have to throttle back but that is for another post. So here is a few more inspirations to bore you with :)

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