Friday, February 3, 2012

HARP sci-fi books in print and up for sale!

I recently received my complimentry books of HARP sci-fi and HARP sci-fi Xtreme. In the first book I did 50 b&w illustrations, and for the second book I did 11. It has been a long wait to see this finally come to light, but it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to actually see my illos in print! After working on those two projects, I can see that I've past a couple of milestones in my drawing skills. I look back at some of those illos and wish I could improve/redo them...but I guess everyone goes through that.


  1. Well Mr Hansen

    You have come along way since Matthias and Zeusha did battle on the RPG table (as I recall Zeusha easily defeated him)

    Some very impressive artwork here.



  2. LOL...If Sean's character hadn't have missed with that scarab of death, she would have been toast! What geeks we were back then...all good fun!

    Thanks for the complement. There's more to come, I have several more books to watch this space ;)