Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eowyn and the Nazgul

Recently over at Art Order there's an art challenge themed on the confrontation between Eowyn and the witch king Agmar from the Lord of the Rings novel(the details of the challenge are found here).
There's some pretty big names judging this challenge in which they're are giving out "rewards"for those artists that impress them the most.
Originally I wasn't going to worry about this challenge as I haven't bothered about those challenges presented in the past from Art Order. But doing my usual daily doodles, I must have had it play at the back of my mind and this thumbnail sketch sort of came up out of nowhere. Considering the deadline is the 15th of May which will come round quick I'm sure, I'll have to get organized if I'm going to attempt my first challenge. Anyway, if real life treats me kindly in the next month I'll probably have some interesting things to show you all.

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